#27 Hooking UP Mompreneurs with Sleep Tips for the Entire Family


What?  Sleep tips for the entire family?! I'm so excited to have Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and owner of Baby Sleep Team, Catherine Hart, as my guest. She is passionate about helping families get more sleep and ensures that parents are equipped to adapt to their own unique situation that will benefit the whole family.  #spoileralert - the things that help your little ones get more sleep can also help adults get more sleep! So if you don't have kids, this episode is still for you!

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How lack of sleep affects our days and our families as entrepreneurs 
  2. The benefits of getting enough quality sleep
  3. Tips that you can use TODAY to help you little ones sleep. Bonus: these work for adults too! 


How going without sleep affects Ellen:

"...when I do not get a good night's sleep. Because literally the next day it is like like a zombie is walking through my house, I am so much more emotional - like I'm quicker to anger. I'm not the nicest person when I haven't gotten sleep. And for my business I'm not focused, I'm not productive. And I make really, really poor decisions like a really bad decisions..." -Ellen

How going without sleep affects Catherine's life:

"And it's not just me that's impacted when I'm sleep deprived. It's usually our whole household. So I have two little girls who are three and a half and nearly eight 10 months old. And so we've definitely had the ups and downs of the sleep deprivation within our household And to your point my head when I wake up sleep deprived, we have a bit of a joke in our household, we say Cat-a-Saurus comes out. I am snappy. The work that I have the intention of doing for the day quite often doesn't get done. And my girls feel it as well so that it's a lot harder. It's a hard day when we're all feeling really sleep deprived. And yeah, where it's not a great household environment when we're all feeling pretty tired and ready. And the other thing that I can notice with the girls when they are really tired is that sometimes they don't eat as well and then they fight more with each other and so the whole day is appearance isn't as enjoyable as a good day.... So yes, that can make a huge, huge impact on our household when we're all really tired."

When everyone (parents and kids) get enough sleep, then Catherine's able to focus on her business and get stuff done in a predictable way:

" I'm probably at the extreme end of sleep where I run my family like a tight ship. And it doesn't mean it's a regimented routine, but I prioritize sleep in our household and that works for us. Because it means that the kids are happy, we're happy and we're productive at work. So to your point as an entrepreneur, and especially having just come out of that first year, especially of my second baby, you have such limited As a mum, and basically I do my work during nap time, so a good chunk during the day. And also I do it when I go to bed at nighttime. So I know, this isn't device for any of those moms that the kids sleep isn't quite on track. But I know every day I get two hours of work time in the middle of the day. And I know that my kids are asleep by seven o'clock at night. So they're predictable. It means that I can get my work done and I'm so much more productive. Because I think I'm probably a bit of the type A personality as well where I love getting stuff done. And I get really frustrated if I can achieve what I need to get done in my business and move the needle. So I really do need those kids to be predictable. It's not forcing them to sleep. They love this lady that helped me to go to sleep and because we've got to the point we're at home become really predictable. It's actually really easy to put them into bed and they love going to bed."

You have to figure out what works for your kids and your family:

"...a lot of people don't realize that sleep is actually a skill that you need to learn. So you most of the time, you can't just put a baby down and then they miraculously fall asleep. And the summer easiest sleepers than others. And at the end of the day, all kids are so different. And it's about really what works for them and what works for you."


Tips to help the entire family to get to sleep TONIGHT:

Be sure to listen to the podcast to hear Catherine's detailed explanation of each of these.

  1. Understanding sleepy cues
  2. Creating an environment that supports sleep - this helps adults too! 
  3. Age appropriate "awake times" - did you know that the average newborn can only stay awake for an hour?   I did not.  And this shifts with age. 
  4. Bedtime routine - we all know this one, but Catherine had some amazing tips about how important the same order of everything is every night.  Consistency is key!! 


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