#26 4 Tips to Simplify Eating Veggies as a Family with Michal Sach


Today we HAVE A SPECIAL GUEST!  Michal Sach is a mom of 3 girls from Melbourne, Australia, and a plant-based child nutritionist. She is passionate about teaching mums how to nourish their kids with ease and confidence, bringing back the love of cooking from scratch and educating kids about the connection between food, their health and wellbeing.  I know you will love this conversation as much as I do.  Even though I don’t have kids, as soon as we got done recording I was in my kitchen implementing all the awesome tips we discussed. 

In this episode you will learn:

  1. That eating more plants is easier than you think.
  2. 4 strategies to simplify cooking and eating more veggies
  3. Ways to invite your family into healthy eating

How Michal became so passionate about eating a plant based diet:

"And as the moms that are listening now it is overwhelming as a mom. And even more overwhelming as a nutritionist because you get so many diets, so many research papers, which tie to choose, is this good for sensitivities? Is this good for the gluten free is a paleo is it's plant based and being a nutritionist and studying this, I still couldn't get the answers. And I kept, even after the degree, going back to research and podcasts. And then I finally came across this amazing diet called the plant based diet. And ...I feel like I've been plant based my whole life because it just makes so much sense. And we teach our kids to be kind and gentle and compassionate. And it's got all of that in it. And the health benefits and the ease of cooking. My goodness, it is just so easy. And so just everything sort of made sense to us and in everything that we want to do as parents, and yeah, long story short, this is the one."

How eating a plant based diet transformed her family:

"It <transformed our life on a> few different levels. But first, as I mentioned, in terms of the ease of cooking - massive <change>, there are so many fewer steps. And also in the baking, there's so many less failures. It's just really much easier. Yeah, I'm serious. It's just, there's just a lot of blending and the swaps are so easy and the kids can join. I know that when you have eggs like this safety and the contamination, there's a few issues that just don't exist in a plant based style of baking. And that was massive. And also before we used to always have to say, this is happy, this is unhappy. This does this. There was a lot of explaining. But now ... we all know the why, the bigger picture, and there is less of this. I wish I could have this why can I have that? It's less of that because it's a whole lifestyle. They get it. The big "Why," why we're doing this. It's it's a massive, massive step. They they're old enough to get it now what why we're doing this the health aspect environment, the animals, just the whole lifestyle and it makes it easier."


Michal's 4 strategies for starting to eat more plants as a family:

She goes into MUCH more detail in the podcast -so be sure to listen.

  1. Wash and prep veggies and fruit as soon as they come in the house.
  2. If possible, keep the plants out.  They are so beautiful - think of them as decor that invites you to eat more of them.  
  3. Keep your appliances out on the countertops ready to go… you blender, crock pot, instapot, mixer, and food processor.  Let your kitchen come alive
  4. Veggie buffet for dinner - this allows everyone to choose what to eat - prep a bunch of different plants and grains and protein (beans, lentils) and let your family put together what they want.  Then, you can take all the leftovers and make something the next day. Bonus, you probably get to eat what you love too!


Check out Michal's Facebook Page <HERE> and Compassionate Eating Kids Page <HERE>

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